Activation Bundle: Explore

Discover Your Path To Inner Freedom and Your Badass-Flourishing Self 


(Re)Ignite the journey to Discover Yourself and What is Possible and (re-)find your Inner Power. 

  • Connect To Who You Are In Essence 

  • Shift From Resisting Emotions To Embracing Emotions 

  • Healing And Loving Your Inner Child  
  • Learn How to use Triggers for Healing
  • Find Relaxation in Physical Pain And Discover its Hidden Messages
  • (Re)-Awaken Trust: Trust Yourself And Life

  • Open up to Your Badass-Flourishing-Self

+ Bonus: Evening Meditation:

  • Deep Restful Nights
  • Evening Meditation: Allow Your Most Energetic Self


This activation bundle has a value of €475. To give more people the change to discover their path to freedom, we have a temporary offer: 

One payment:

€ 111,00

Pay in Full and save €21

Payment Plan:

€ 44,00

3 Monthly Installments


For this you will get:

✔️ 7 powerful transmissions

For all the topics you will firstly receive a transmissions around the topic,
so you can explore the subject. 

✔️ 7 jewel activations

After the transmissions, it is time to rewire your brain through powerful activations.
These guided activations are true gems that I have been using for years already,
tested by many people before you. You will receive meditations, a inner child journey
and a ritual that combines shaking, breathing and meditating. 

✔️ 2 bonus evening meditations

It's vital for our flourishing how we end the day. That's why I added two
bonus meditations. One will to help you fall asleep. The second gem helps you 
to wake up alive and vibrant. 

✔️ Lifetime access to the online portal 

The tools and meditation are valuable for a life time. That's why you will receive
access as long as this bundle is online. 

This price is excl. 21% VAT.


"Wow!! Creating valuable meditations and journeys is an Art. You really are a Meditation-Artist! And your voice; the best for this inner work. I am beyond grateful for your meditations. Thank you!!



"Can't express how grateful I am with you and what you share, it just feels right, everything you say. Thank you."



"Each and every meditation that Dolores Mae creates is a little gem that helps me go beyond the mind, into the possibility."



This Bundle of Activations Helps You To :  

  • Stay Connected To Yourself 
  • Welcome Feeling; Feel More
  • Become Whole 
  • Open Up To A More Loving Version of Yourself
  • Find Peace Within 
  • Surrender To Life 
  • Open Up to What You Truly Desire 
  • Have The Courage To Follow Your Passion 
  • Enjoy Life More 
  • Feel Free
  • Feel Confidence to Be You and Have Fun With Being You

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Open Yourself Up To Thrive

Feeling is Healing. You Have the Power Within.  



I felt like giving away even more gems! How we end the day is vital for our flourishing. Hence the two bonus meditations.


Deep Sleep Breathing Meditation

Follow this breathing practice to calm your nervous system and rest deeply. I shared this absolute wonderful tool for the first time during 5-weeks "Be More You" and the participants loved it. 

“I really found THE sleeping remedy. And even my husband falls asleep with it!" 



Evening Meditation: Allow Your Most Energetic Self

You do this evening meditation before you take off to the dream world. It helps you however your day was, to clear your mind and create more freedom and joy in your life

  • Close the day in a harmonious way to create a more free and happy life
  • Tap into your light, your source, your energetic body to wake up alive and vibrant.
  • And open yourself up to thrive.



"Good shit, Do! Wow, on all levels. Thank you 



"Halleluja!! This was wonderful. Big Smile. Open heart. Merci Beaucoup!!"


Hi! My name is Dolores Mae.

In 2006, my body came to a hold, showing me one red flag after an other. I thought I was connected to myself but I was not. This was the start of a deep and long process to come home in myself. 

To take life and aliveness back.

When I showed up to my childhood traumas my body started to heal. This was the second time my body was naturally healing. I was amazed! 

✨This empowering journey led me to the most profound  practices and information. From neuroscience, quantum physics, to masters that showed me the way to inner freedom, inner strength and loving myself deeply ✨

Since 6 years, I help others heal themselves and surrender to their badass-flourishing-self.

This Activation Bundle "Explore" holds 7 keys to unlock your own inner power. I invite you to eplore who you are in essence, get in touch with your own inner power, and remind yourself of your potential.

The activations in this bundle help you to discover your path to inner freedom and success.

I am looking forward to explore with you. 

Love, Dolores Mae. 

"We have no power over what
we have not explored.”

You free yourself from behavioural patterns keeping you small, unhappy and stuck. Masks no longer have any grip on you. Many conditioned ways of being feel old and outdated. It feels as if parts of your constructed, conditioned self die, and a new flower comes to life. The one you have always felt inside. 

Yes, I am ready to Explore!