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Hi, my name is Dolores Mae,

In the process of healing myself from a serious illness, I came back to myself. I learned a lot about myself and our magical system. There were not many people on this path, there was not even vegetarian food yet on the menu nor food without white grains (which I could not eat for 3 years). I started with a 550h yoga teacher training, my first course was studying the Yoga Sutras. And I continued with my search, I did a lot of healing courses for freedom with a basis in Don Shamanism, Buddha Medicine and later a healing method combining wisdom from the aboriginals. Without ever the intention to help others. 

One moment a friend asked me to help her. I remember it as if it was yesterday. I came in the house, cleared the space and we went for it. She was lying on the couch. I let life express itself through me, and at one point she felt joy - which she didn’t feel for a long long time.

After this experience, her brother was surprised and came to work with me also. Then his girlfriend came to see me too (They are all still clients but are doing so well that I do not see them anymore haha). They wanted to pay as it was so valuable. And as I was working at Delight Yoga, people started sharing and referring. One moment a woman came - who is joining this year’s edition - she was deaf in one ear. The doctors said she had to take prednisone but she didn’t want to. She came to me, and during the session her ear popped open when we found the cause. I learned a lot in this phase. 

I started noticing that life sometimes was putting me in situations where I needed to help. I was, for example, in South Africa with a friend. We visited friends of hers, and their newborn baby was giving back all her food. They wanted to go to the hospital the moment we came in. I felt I had to ask her if she was open for help. At that time I had seen already so many magical experiences with myself and others, that I felt I needed to give it a try. During the session we found the cause, life healed it and the baby stopped giving back food. 

But it was not until my daughter was in my womb and told me; “mama you need to go for your healing practice” that I went for it. 

When I told my dad he said: “Of course you need to go for that!! When you were little you were walking up to strangers quite often, telling them confronting things they had, or had to work on.” He said he was always managing both parties, so that I was not getting a shitty reply from someone that couldn’t not handle such honesty.. oops. 

I have been doing sessions now for almost 6 years, and I always say, I will do it until life wants something else from me. 

Life is now calling me to do programs and mentorships too, to really guide people back to their free and alive flourishing self.

I am looking forward to meet you too. 


Dolores Mae

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